Sandy Gingras

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Sandy Gingras is the author and illustrator of twenty-six books. She also wrote two mystery novels, Swamped and Beached (Deadly Niche Press). Beached won the Crime Writers Association’s Debut Dagger Award in 2012. Her poetry and memoir pieces have been published in New Ohio Review, and her chapbook Not Even Close to What She Planned On was published by Diode Editions. She designs stationery and gift products for several companies and owns two retail stores. She lives with her husband, son and Golden Retriever on an island six miles off the coast of New Jersey.

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  • Honorable mention for the New England Poetry Club 2016 Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize, judged by Kyle Potvin

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Not Even Close To What She Planned On

Not Even Close To What She Planned On

“Sandy Gingras is perhaps the most delightful poet I know who isn’t yet famous. This book is perhaps the book that will spring her into the maybe world of recognition. I’ve known her and her work for over twenty years. Perhaps, I thought, she couldn’t get any better. She has. No maybes about it. You’ll need to read the book in order to understand the nature of my praise.” 

—Stephen Dunn

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