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Diode author Teow Lim Goh will be reading at 7:30 EST on Wednesday, February 2nd with Unlikely Books!

Come celebrate the release of two Unlikely Books: "A Brief Conversation with Consciousness" by Marc Vincenz and "Flight Advice: a fabulary" by Tobey Hiller! You'll hear readings of poetry and fiction from Tobey Hiller, Marc Vincenz, Teow Lim Goh, and Carol Dorf!

Register for the reading here:

More about Teow's latest chapbook of poetry, Faraway Places

Faraway Places resides in the spaces between the wild and the tamed, from orchid gardens and immense seas to caged birds and high alpine landscapes. It resists narrative and instead inhabits the residues of experience. It may be a private dictionary: “Those / who know the lore can use them / to find their way / in the world.” Haunted and searching, these poems navigate the distances between light and shadow, secrets and silence.

Join Norwalk Public Library on Saturday, March 19 at 3:00 pm on Zoom to hear Diode author Joan Kwon Glass speak on her forthcoming poetry book, NIGHT SWIM.


CW: suicide

In NIGHT SWIM, Joan Kwon Glass navigates the dark sea of loss to suicide, after losing her sister and her 11-year old nephew to suicide within a two month span of time. In this testimony of grief and survival, she weaves a suicide survivorship narrative told through the five stages of grief. This narrative includes the author’s memories of the weeks leading up to the deaths, her regrets, scenes from the funerals, erasures from police reports, and the forging ahead with daily life in spite of maddening sorrow, burning questions, and all that remains unresolved. Although NIGHT SWIM tells the story of extraordinary loss, it is also a testament to how even against the harshest currents, in the darkest waters, we can swim up, and through.

Body Facts tells the story of a speaker who is Korean, American, woman, and body. It weaves together Korean history and aesthetics, the speaker’s childhood and family stories, U.S. foreign policy with North Korea, and the things we do and shouldn’t do to our bodies.

Joey takes us to her roots, fills us with melancholy, and makes us question our values and social standards, inviting us to visit ours, however far they may or may not be from hers. This poetry book is full of human experiences.

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Joey S. Kim is a scholar, creative writer, and Assistant Professor of English at the University of Toledo. Her poetry ventures through Korean history, the feminine body, U.S. foreign policy, and coming-of-age in midwestern America. She researches nineteenth-century global Anglophone literature and poetics. Her work has been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Pleiades: Literature in Context, Burningword Literary Journal, Essays in Romanticism, and elsewhere. She is a 2020 Pushcart Prize nominee for her poem "Plunder," a poem forthcoming in her debut chapbook of poems, Body Facts, and first published in Pleiades.