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Dear librarians and booksellers,


Thank you for your interest in Diode titles! The attention you give authors and readers is rare and valuable.

The team is eager to get Diode titles onto your shelves and into the hands of your readers.


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  • Diode distributes directly out of Richmond, VA.

  • For wholesale and consignment orders, please contact the Diode team directly with quantity information and the terms of your library or independent bookshop.

  • Recommended retail pricing for Diode titles:

    • Chapbooks: $12/copy

    • Full-Length Collections: $18/copy

    • Nonfiction: $15-18/copy

  • Standard discount pricing for Diode titles:*

    • Chapbooks: $8/copy​

    • Full-length Collections: $12/copy

    • Nonfiction: $12/copy

    • *Diode is open to negotiating discount terms in order to facilitate greater access to books for libraries, independent bookshops, and special programs.

  • Diode processes transactions through PayPal and Square. 

  • All Diode books are perfect bound and have a unique ISBN.

  • Diode welcomes all those with an interest in teaching or reviewing Diode books to reach out with their request and shipping address for desk or review copies.

  • Interested in forthcoming titles? Diode coordinates discount preorders. Receive new copies hot off the press! Contact us above to start an order.


Indie shops where Diode Editions books are, or have been, in stock.