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Meet Our New Author: Dorothy Chan

Coming soon from Diode Editions, Revenge of the Asian Woman, a full-length collection by Dorothy Chan, winner of the 2018 Diode Editions Book Contest.

“Who doesn’t think kissing is the greatest thing / in the world other than eating?” Revenge of the Asian Woman comes to life on a sexed-up soap opera / B-movie platter where passion and food and fantasy reign supreme: excess in the form of full odes and triple sonnets with towers of macarons and carnival desserts and Hong Kong street food on a skewer—and make it a double. The East Asian girl boss takes her revenge on those who have fetishized her, looking great in gold booty shorts, while recounting her parents’ love story, the Chinese-American immigrant dream, her Chinese zodiac fate, and her own sexual awakening. She conquers all, moving through this universe of two-headed fantasies, aggressive foreheads, and magical girl transformation sequences, having her cake and eating it too—“Oh, cut that cake again.”

Dorothy Chan, credit: Ramsey Mathews

DOROTHY CHAN is the author of Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold (Spork Press, 2018) and the chapbook Chinatown Sonnets (New Delta Review, 2017). She was a 2014 finalist for the Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Academy of American Poets, The Cincinnati Review, ​The Common, Diode Poetry Journal, Quarterly West, and elsewhere. Chan is the Editor of The Southeast Review. Visit her website at

Revenge of the Asian Woman is forthcoming in March 2019. Until then, read Dorothy's full-length debut collection entitled Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold (Spork Press, 2018) and check out her recent poetry in Split Lip, Glass, Quarterly West, and others, below.


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