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Meet Our New Author: Simone Person

Coming soon from Diode Editions, Smoke Girl, a chapbook of poems by Simone Person, winner of the 2018 Diode Editions Chapbook Contest.

Simone Person

SIMONE PERSON is the author of Dislocate, the winner of the 2017 Honeysuckle Press Chapbook Contest in Prose. She grew up in Michigan and Toledo, Ohio and is a dual MFA/MA at Indiana University in Fiction and African American and African Diaspora Studies. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Puerto del Sol and Yemassee, among others, and been anthologized in Crab Fat Magazine: Best of Year Three. She sporadically uses Twitter and Instagram at @princxporkchop.

Advance Praise for Smoke Girl

Simone Person's poetry is not for everyone; it is not for the cowardly or the two faced. Her poetry will look you in the eye and exhale thick truth that will either warm you or choke you.

— Rachel Wiley, author of Nothing Is Okay and Fat Girl Finishing School


Smoke Girl is forthcoming in March, 2019. Until then, read Simone's book Dislocate, prose winner of the 2017 Honeysuckle Chapbook Contest, follow her work below and visit her website


  • "Pill Cosby," Glass: A Journal of Poetry and Prose | forthcoming

  • "I Thought You Were Joking (or, Poem in the Voice of my Rapist)" and "Google Search Results After" in Gigantic Sequins | July 2018

  • "Self-portrait in the Voice of Lilith," Yemassee | June 2018

  • "To the White Woman with the Tiny Backpack in Indiana Who Interrupted Me and a Friend to Ask if We Knew This Was a Non-Smoking Campus as I’m Halfway through a Cigarette," The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought | November 2017

  • "Your new bitch," "I Actually Prefer Fat Women," and "drunk / I text / my mother," Puerto del Sol | August 2017

  • "Questions for the Smoke Girl" and "Multiverse," Black Napkin Press | June 2017

  • "Prayers to St. Christina Mirabilis" and "Triptych," Menacing Hedge | June 2017

  • "Black Girl as Pastime," Kweli Journal | June 2017

  • "On Learning You Love a Dude Who Ain’t Shit," "Exclusionary Black Girl," "Erasure of the Suicide Note Before Failed Attempt," "Accretion," and "Oneironaut," WusGood Mag​ | March 2017



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