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Read Dorothy Chan's "Triple Sonnet, Because You’ve Got That Thing Going On"

Asian girls have that thing going on,           is what the Internet search of Yellow Fever tells me, but no surprises there,           because have you looked into our eyes, a feline power magnified by a million,           as you think about tales of the Orient, but oh, shut up about the spices,           the dumplings, the temples, oh shut up, white boy who wants a lady on the streets           but a freak in the bedroom, and I’ll tell you something: I’m a freak everywhere           from elevators to family gatherings, and it’s a lot of fun—kawaii porn, or that fantasy           of an innocent face, oh, but that body,

Read "Triple Sonnet, Because You’ve Got That Thing Going On," a poem from Dorothy Chan's Revenge of the Asian Woman featured in Diode Poetry Journal 12.1 and check out Dorothy's latest interview with CD Davidson-Hiers in Tallahassee Democrat.

From the latest interview in Tallahassee Democrat:

[Tallahassee Democrat]: Even with how much food brings us together, the speaker talks to people in the poems who misconstrue food or malign it. What’s going on when that happens?
[Dorothy Chan]: That’s where sexuality comes into play because, in some of the poems, the Chinese-American is talking about white boys that she’s had flings with and how they misinterpret food.
Maybe they don’t know how to use chopsticks, maybe they’re mixed up between what’s a dumpling and what’s a bun at the dim sum table. And sure, that presents a lot of cultural difference, but what I think is being pointed out is not necessarily the mistake, but more of the unwillingness to learn.


“Who doesn’t think kissing is the greatest thing / in the world other than eating?” Revenge of the Asian Woman comes to life on a sexed-up soap opera / B-movie platter where passion and food and fantasy reign supreme: excess in the form of full odes and triple sonnets with towers of macarons and carnival desserts and Hong Kong street food on a skewer—and make it a double. The East Asian girl boss takes her revenge on those who have fetishized her, looking great in gold booty shorts, while recounting her parents’ love story, the Chinese-American immigrant dream, her Chinese zodiac fate, and her own sexual awakening. She conquers all, moving through this universe of two-headed fantasies, aggressive foreheads, and magical girl transformation sequences, having her cake and eating it too—“Oh, cut that cake again.


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