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Teow Lim Goh to Read with Unlikely Books

Diode author Teow Lim Goh will be reading at 7:30 EST on Wednesday, February 2nd with Unlikely Books!

Come celebrate the release of two Unlikely Books: "A Brief Conversation with Consciousness" by Marc Vincenz and "Flight Advice: a fabulary" by Tobey Hiller! You'll hear readings of poetry and fiction from Tobey Hiller, Marc Vincenz, Teow Lim Goh, and Carol Dorf!

Register for the reading here:

More about Teow's latest chapbook of poetry, Faraway Places

Faraway Places resides in the spaces between the wild and the tamed, from orchid gardens and immense seas to caged birds and high alpine landscapes. It resists narrative and instead inhabits the residues of experience. It may be a private dictionary: “Those / who know the lore can use them / to find their way / in the world.” Haunted and searching, these poems navigate the distances between light and shadow, secrets and silence.


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