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About the Press

Diode Editions is an independent press based in Doha, Qatar and Richmond, Virginia. Editor in Chief Patty Paine founded the press in 2012 as an offshoot of diode poetry journal. To date, the press has published 60 titles of poetry, chapbooks and poetry-related nonfiction works and hosts yearly book and chapbook contests.

Our mission is to amplify diverse voices. We are committed to justice, inclusivity, anti-racism, and equity. We strive to craft beautiful books and fanatically support our authors.

Organizations We Support

Diode Editions has been fortunate to be able to donate to the following organizations and we hope that you might consider donating as well, if able.

The Diode Team

Patty Paine

Founding Editor in Chief

Patty Paine is author of Grief & Other Animals (Accents Publishing), The Sounding Machine (Accents Publishing), and editor of Gathering the Tide: An Anthology of Arabian Gulf Poetry and The Donkey Lady & Other Tales from the Arabian Gulf. Her third chapbook, city of small fires, was recently published by Hysterical Books. Her poems, reviews, and interviews have appeared in Blackbird, Adroit, Gulf Stream, Waxwing, Thrush, The South Dakota Review, and other publications. She is the founding editor of Diode Poetry Journal, and Diode Editions, and is Director of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.​

Law Alsobrook

Editor & Art Director

Law Alsobrook is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at VCU in Qatar where he teaches semiotics, communication theory, bookbinding & typography. He has recently published, or has work forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Typehouse Literary Magazine, After the Pause, Petite Hound Press, The Volta, Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research, & Noema. He received an MFA in graphic design from RISD. His research focuses on the role of narrative and language as mediating agents of consciousness.

Zoë Donald

Managing Editor

Zoë Donald is an artist living in Richmond, VA. They have produced projects with special focus on book design, industrial fabrication, and architectural illustration. They studied painting and printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University, where they were awarded the McLeod and Peachtree Scholarships and a Qatar Foundation Study Abroad Academic Scholarship.

Alex Wanas

Assistant Designer

Alex Wanas is a designer living in Richmond, VA. He has produced video documentaries, digital photography, illustration, architectural visualization, exhibition design, print and digital media. He received a Masters in Design Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Former Staff

Sarah Yang

Editorial Intern, summer 2022


Sarah Yang is a Japanese-Korean-American writer whose work appears in The Indianapolis Review, wildness, Rust+Moth, Barren Magazine, Up the Staircase Quarterly, and elsewhere. She studies English at the University of California, Irvine and reads for Farside Review.

Jessica Fischoff

Assistant Editor

Jessica Fischoff is Editor and Owner of [PANK], Editor and Owner of American Poetry Journal, author the little book of poems, The Desperate Measure of Undoing (Across the Margin, 2019) and Editor of the upcoming Pittsburgh Anthology (Dostoyevsky Wannabe). Her thoughts on editing appear in Best American Poetry and The Kenyon Review. Her writing appears in Esquire, Diode Poetry Journal, The Southampton Review, The Common, Creative Nonfiction, and Adroit Journal.

Steffi Braganza

Assistant Designer, fall 2020 through spring 2021


Steffi Braganza is a graphic designer currently residing in Qatar. She prefers to design beyond the boundaries of her comfort zone. She believes, as a designer, that one doesn't learn by staying within confined walls; one works best when one finds a way to go around those walls. Most of her time she likes to invest in research and to diverge her knowledge. Steffi is extremely passionate about creating and developing new and innovative ideas. Bringing those ideas to life is what she as a designer strives to achieve.

Chi Kyu Lee

Editorial Intern, summer 2020


Chi Kyu is a poet born and raised in Seoul. He recently graduated from Cornell University with a major in English and a minor in Arabic. He will be attending the MFA program at the University of Minnesota starting this fall. He is crazy about languages (make him practice Arabic or ASL!) and anything queer. He loves to read Asian-American, Arab-American, and Arabic literature.

Hannah Fakhri

Design Intern, spring 2021

Hannah Fakhri graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Doha, Qatar with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She has an interest in editorial design and publishing and pursues research projects outside of her comfort zone.

Lina AlSharif

Editorial Intern, summer 2019

Lina AlSharif is a Palestinian poet currently living in Qatar. She holds a MA in Creative Writing/Poetry from Lancaster University. She was published in Sukoon Magazine, Gaza Unsilenced, Rusted Radishes and Mizna.

Faheem Khan

Design Intern

Faheem Khan is a Junior studying graphic design at VCUarts in Qatar. He is a freelance designer whose work tends to the minimal, but that is a personal preference. He may appear to be an angry young man, but in reality, he's a pretty foolish and down-to-earth person. He is resilient and usually has a lot on his plate, but it sure is a delicious plate.

Steffi Braganza

Design Intern

Steffi Braganza is currently a graphic design Sophomore at VCUarts in Qatar. She is extremely dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic about her work. Sometimes over-enthusiastic. Actually, borderline anxious. You don’t need to look for her in a crowded room because she keeps making cliché height jokes to remind you that she's tiny. Don’t worry though, she can see everything from down there. Or so she thinks.

About the Books

  • Diode distributes directly out of Richmond, VA.

  • All Diode books are perfect bound and have a unique ISBN.

  • Full-length books have spine text.

  • Diode processes transactions through PayPal and Square.

  • Diode requires prepayment for university bookstore orders.

  • Diode is open to negotiating discount terms in order to facilitate greater access to books for libraries, independent bookshops, and special programs.

  • Diode coordinates wholesale bulk pre-orders.

Wholesale Pricing

Recommended retail pricing for Diode titles

  • Chapbooks: $12/copy

  • Full-Length Collections: $18/copy

  • Nonfiction: $15-18/copy

Standard discount pricing for Diode titles

  • Chapbooks: $8/copy ​

  • Full-length Collections: $12/copy

  • Nonfiction: $12/copy

On Shelves

Indie shops and events where Diode Editions books are, or have been, in stock.

  • Amherst Books

  • Battenkill Books

  • Bear & Bee Books

  • Bear Pond Books

  • Bennington Bookshop

  • Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop

  • Book Culture LIC

  • Book Stall

  • Bright Side Bookshop

  • Buffalo Street Books

  • Chippewa Valley Book Festival

  • Chop Suey Books

  • City Lit Books

  • Duende District

  • Furious Flower Poetry Conference

  • Greenlight Bookstore

  • The Ivy Bookshop

  • Kenyon College Bookstore

  • Kew & Willow

  • Kinokuniya

  • Local Store & Volume One Gallery

  • Loganberry Books

  • Longwood University Bookstore

  • Mac's Backs-Books on Coventry

  • Malaprop's

  • New Dominion

  • Northshire Bookstore

  • NYU Bookstore

  • Open Books: A Poem Emporium

  • Penn Book Center

  • Phoenix Books

  • Powells

  • Print: A Bookstore

  • Robert Frost Stone House

  • Rumors Coffee and Tea House

  • Skylight Books

  • The SLO Book Bike

  • Small Friend RnB

  • Smithsonian

  • Third Place Books

  • Vermont Book Shop

  • Woodland Pattern Book Center

  • WVWC

  • Yu and Me Books

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