Chapbook Contest


Book & Chapbook Prize Winners

Full-length Book Prize

Night Swim, Joan Kwon Glass

Yearn, Rage Hezekiah

Mouth, Sugar, and Smoke, Eric Tran

Chapbook Prize

Stephanie Niu, She Has Dreamt Again of Water

Shawn Hoo, Of the Florids

Huan He, Sandman

Melissa Johnson, Cancer Voodoo



Full-length Book Prize

Where the Wolf, Sally Rosen Kindred

The Enemy of My Enemy Is Me, Conor Bracken

GHETTOCLAUSTROPHOBIA: Dreamin of Mama While Trying to Speak Woman in Woke Tongues,

Shanta Lee Gander

Chapbook Prize

Faraway Places, Teow Lim Goh
Low Budget Movie, Kendra DeColo & Tyler Mills
Special Delivery, Natasha Sajé
Body Facts, Joey S. Kim
Slash / Slash, Amorak Huey & W. Todd Kaneko


Full-length Book Prize

Wider than the Sky, Nancy Chen Long

The Minister of Disturbances, Zeeshan Khan Pathan

Chapbook Prize

 The Last Human Heart, Allison Joseph

Good Timing & Gertrude Stein: Inside Snoopy's snout maggots feast upon my blood, Julia Cohen


Full-length Book Prize

 Revenge of the Asian Woman, Dorothy Chan

 American Samizdat, Jehanne Dubrow

 We Call Them Beautiful, KC Trommer

Chapbook Prize

 Returning to Jaffa, Philip Metres

 Smoke Girl, Simone Person


Full-length Book Prize

Go Because I Love You, Jared Harél 

the empty season, Catherine Bresner

Chapbook Prize

 Our Lady of the Flood, Alison Pelegrin

Red//Jild//Prayer, Hazem Fahmy 

 Adoption, Adam Falkner


Full-length Book Prize

 Starlight & Error, Remica Bingham-Risher

quitter, Paula Cisewski

Chapbook Prize

 Rare Birds, Shelley Wong

 Requiem: A Patrimony of Fugues, Tina Schumann

 For Filthy Women Who Worry About Disappointing God, Seema Yasmin


Chapbook Prize

 Straight, sam sax

 The Goddess Monologues, Vandana Khanna


Chapbook Prize

Bright Power, Dark Peace, Traci Brimhall & Brynn Saito