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A Poem from Self-portrait In Hospital As Camus

I have built

all about me

a little dark


composed of

doubts &


of night longings

& anxious


& the poem

this work, this

arcing thread

of light

& bright voices

is my soul

writing itself

out — is

me ascending

the starry steps


il terzo paradiso

that fabled

heaven :

inner peace

Kierkegaard Dreams the Absurd

a poem from SK Rancy's chapbook Self-portrait In Hospital As Camus


The book cover of SK Rancy's chapbook SELF-PORTRAIT IN HOSPITAL AS CAMUS features an occluded portrait filled with a mysterious network

Mediating on the absurd, the existential, and the sincere, the poems in Self-portrait In Hospital As Camus struggle with the futility of scientific and philosophical tenets of objectivity as framed by human suffering within the hospital’s walls. In vacillating between praising the wonder of human anatomy and scientific discovery while decrying the senselessness of man’s achievements and ambitions in the face of a meaningless and finite existence, this collection reaches its crescendo in the only reasonable apotheosis: if nothing matters, everything must.


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