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Book & Chapbook Contest Update

Announcing the Winners & Finalists of the 2023 Diode Editions Book & Chapbook Contests

Dear poets,

We’re proud to share the winners and finalists of the 2023 Diode Editions book & chapbook contests. Thank you for your book & chapbook contest submissions, for your support of Diode poets, and for your readership. We look forward to sharing new books with you in 2024!

— The Diode team


2023 Book Contest Winners

all children., Shabnam Piryaei

No Rest, Jason Koo

2023 Chapbook Contest Winners

Difficult, Rewa Zeinati

BOOT-less →, Trace DePass

Dancing Backwards Towards Pluperfect, Koss

2023 Book Contest Finalists

Ofrenda, Anaïs Deal-Márquez


Book Content to Breathe Inside the Tree, Patrick Lawler

Between the Sun and The Moon, Xiaoly Li

Slowly Our Faces Come Into View, Lea Marshall

Devil Music, Charlie Clark

2023 Chapbook Contest Finalists

Occurrence of a Dream Translated by Animals, M. Cynthia Cheung

Dreams of Labrador, Christopher Brean Murray

My Abandoned Poems, Owen McLeod

Frankie's Daughter, Haro Lee

DIDA, Karan Kapoor

The Mariachi at the End of Time, Christopher Nelson

Landscape for the Lost, Aiden Heung

Beneath Salt, Anna Tomlinson

Tapestry, Kirun Kapur


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