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Jared Harél Named Montaigne Medal Finalist

Jared Harél, author of Go Because I Love You, is a finalist for the Montaigne Medal, an annual Eric Hoffer Award.

From the Eric Hoffer website:

Each year, the Eric Hoffer Award presents the Montaigne Medal to the most thought-provoking books. These are books that either illuminate, progress, or redirect thought. The Montaigne Medal is given in honor of the great French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, who influenced people such as William Shakespeare, René Descartes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Eric Hoffer. This is an additional distinction beneath the Eric Hoffer Award umbrella.

Jared Harél

Jared Harél​ has been awarded the ‘Stanley Kunitz Memorial Prize’ from ​American Poetry Review​, as well as the ‘William Matthews Poetry Prize’ from ​Asheville Poetry Review​. Additionally, his poems have appeared in such journals as the ​Bennington Review, Massachusetts Review, The Southern Review​, and ​Tin House​. Harél teaches writing at Nassau Community College, plays drums, and lives in Queens, NY with his wife and two kids.


In a series of poems which interweave the domestic and daily with the political and historical, Harél surveys everything from He-Man to the Holocaust, from sleep-training his young son to struggling with the aftermath of the Presidential Election to craft a portrait of 21​st-century American life that is humorous, haunting and utterly human.

More praise for Go Because I Love You:

Harél’s lucid poems are filled with the miracle of the domestic and daily, and backlit by a sense of how fragile any life may be in the struggle to deal with contemporary reality’s undercurrent of malice, accident, absurdity, and terror. These poems reflect a searching intelligence in the precision of each line and in fresh portrayals of how our choices cannot be unmade. I’m grateful for the hard-purchased clarity of these poems and their radiant explorations of a fully genuine life.

—Lee Upton

As with so many of us, Jared Harél is waging a battle with solitude and loss, the harm that can hide, even within love. He does so, though, with rare grace and tenderness, in poems of great imagination and beauty.​ I want to kiss you.​ ​Build asylum inside you brings to mind what I like best about his work—that the connections between us earn more of his singing than do the ways we spin apart.—Bob Hicok

If you’ve strayed from poetry, Jared Harél is the writer that will bring you back.

—Téa Obreht


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