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Scott Hightower Reviews KC Trommer's WE CALL THEM BEAUTIFUL for Five Points

From Scott Hightower:

Poetry is itself a trick, an illusion of survival. With a title like “We Call Them Beautiful” one has to get past two un-tethered pronouns to reach the magic of the high aesthetic. The poems of KC Trommer are inhabited, art-informed, and artful.

About the Collection

We Call Them Beautiful is a vibrant debut, filled with emergencies and responses to them. “This, all this,/is the making of you,” the poet KC Trommer writes, reminding us that what we live through changes us and the stories we tell about our lives. In these poems of love, pleasure, and survival, the poet navigates the cold menace of the Atlantic Ocean, the wild terrors of sex and carnival rides, the bittersweetness of watching her sleeping child’s quiet breathing, all while mapping the power, joy, and dangers of being a woman in the world. Drawing its strength from discovery, We Call Them Beautiful explores the necessary making and remaking of the self, through art and stories, while looking unflinchingly at the ways that time works on us all.


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