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SPECIAL DELIVERY, Forthcoming June 2021

Special Delivery holds a variety of poetic forms, missives to which the speaker doesn’t expect a reply. The addressees—including the Phaistos disk, Caitlyn Jenner, and the wind—cannot or will not answer, but the reader is invited to take their place. Gender, sexual orientation, and the environment provide contexts for epistemological questions that pepper these poems of longing and wonder, of pique and wit.

Advance Praise

Marvelously inventive, these wise poems combine a researcher’s discipline with an action painter’s freedom. Sajé addresses aspects of contemporary culture (“Dear Roe v. Wade,” “Dear Spiral Jetty”) with dynamism and wit. Here, the personal and political ignite, fissuring received ideas to investigate how we live in the present and how we imagine the future. I admire the deft and fearless intimacy that powers this chapbook.

— Robin Becker

From the Author, Natasha Sajé

I’ve always loved addressing a particular audience in poems, in addition to "the general reader," because I think that gives a poem more rhetorical urgency and focus. It makes me question why I’m writing. It hones my edge.

Photo Courtesy of David Baddley, Photographer
Photo Courtesy of David Baddley, Photographer

Natasha Sajé is the author of three books of poems including Vivarium (Tupelo, 2014); a postmodern poetry handbook (Windows and Doors: A Poet Reads Literary Theory, Michigan, 2014); and a memoir-in-essays, Terroir: Love, Out of Place (Trinity UP, 2020). She teaches at Westminster College in Salt Lake City and in the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing Program.


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